Title-page of Pierre Dupont, "La Stromatourgie", and possible Trade Card of Virton, at The Royal Tapestry Works in the Louvre

Artist or maker:
Author Pierre Dupont (d.1640)
1633 {printed date}
Place of Production:
Paris, France
woodcut on paper
Type of Object:
title pages
trade cards
Accession number:
One of a set, see others


Brief Description

Most probably the title-page for Pierre Dupont, "La Stromatourgie ou Traité de la Fabrication des tapis de Turquie", published in Paris in 1632 and re-issued in 1633, the date on the print. The print has been annotated as a trade card for the royal tapestry works in the Savonnerie, with the name Virton added in manuscript, and later annotated as an early address of the Gobelins manufactory in its first location.

The design consists of a view of an elaborate chimney-piece and breast, with allegorical figures, coats of arms, and a representation of the activity of weaving. The whole is framed by a thin rule.

The chimney-piece is set on a chequered floor. In the place of a fire is a bundle of instruments and tools relating to tapestry work in the form of a trophy. A plaque surrounded by, and tied to the bundle, with strapwork, gives the date and location. In the centre of the architrave of the chimney-piece is the coat of arms of Pierre Dupont, the heraldic motif is: argent, in chief two mullets, in fess a bridge. The shield is surmounted by generous scrolling acanthus mantling and a helmet with a grated visor seen in profile, crowned with a wreath. Two palm fronds project out from beneath the shield; a ribbon is entwined around them bearing the motto: ‘Mediis Tranquillus in undis’.

The shelf of the chimney-piece is supported by six tapering pilasters with volute capitals decorated with dots and stylized foliage, and supported by young grotesque heads, wearing scarves. The shelf is formed by two plain mouldings and a row of dentils. The centre of the shelf is curved and supports two reclining clothed angels who hold a sword and a sceptre entwined with snakes above a crown. Above these figures is a painting enclosed by a frame decorated with acanthus leaves. The painting shows a large tapestry loom in a tall room, with two men dressed in workers' clothes, sitting before the loom. The painting is hung on a plaque area on the chimney-breast, which bears the word ‘Stromatourgie’ above the painting.

The chimney-breast is flanked by four Corinthian pilasters, two on each side, in front of which stand four allegorical women, from the left: Charity, a woman dressed in a robe holding a child and with another at her feet; Vigilance, a woman dressed in a robe and a headscarf carrying an hourglass with a small bird perched on top of her head; Industry, a woman dressed in a robe carrying a thin board that appears to be a reed or shaft frame from a loom; and Hope, a young woman looking up towards heaven holding and standing upon a large anchor.

The cornice of the chimney-breast is supported by dentils and modillions. The pediment is curved. Two more winged figures recline on the pediment, both with trumpets of Fame - the right figure blows his. Two naked winged putti flank these figures. The figures hold a ribbon which supports a coat of arms hanging in the centre of the pediment. The heraldic motif consists of a shield surmounted by two shields, bearing the arms of France (on the left) and Navarre (on the right), with a crowned L in chief, and a palm frond in base. The shield is surrounded by a chain and Maltese cross and a chain with 'H' decorations. The shield is framed by a cartouche of scrolls, and surmounted by a crown.

Curatorial Commentary

Pierre Dupont established a school to give industrial instruction to children in the Louvre, whilst his former pupil, Simon Lourdet, established one in the hospice of the Savonnerie. Intended as a joint venture, Lourdet began to assert his independence around 1628. "La Stroumatourgie" should be seen as part of Dupont's rivalry with Lourdet. An important part of the text focuses on the correct working space and religious atmosphere for training and production of tapestry, important features in the print.

"Stromatourgie" was Dupont's creation of a new word to signify 'ouvrage ou manufacture en tapisserie', devised from two Greek words [INVENTION].

His coat of arms is described in the 1882 publication. See related documentation for sources on Dupont and this text.

I have been unable to consult the 1633 edition to verify it is the title page, although the inclusion of the title and publication date make this highly likely.

The chimneypiece is after Jean Barbet, see Verlet in Documentation.

Phillippa Plock, 2008

Physical description

Dimensions (mm):
298 x 219
Physical Details:
single sheet, image size: 245 x 153
Pour le présent a la maison de la savonnerie. [A.?] Chaillon
lower left to lower right, pen and ink

upper centre, pen and ink
Translation of inscription:
For the present at the Maison de Savonnerie. [A.?] Chaillon
Trade card for the Gobelin tapestry manufactory (?) [Goliss?] during its first installation by Louis XIII in the Louvre
The Art of Tapestry Manufacture, Charity, Vigilance, Industry, Hope, Calm in the midst of the waves. In Paris in the Gallery of the Louvre 1633


Acquired by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild (b.1839, d.1898) before 1897; inherited by his sister Alice de Rothschild (b.1847, d.1922); inherited by her great-nephew James de Rothschild (b.1878, d.1957); bequeathed to Waddesdon The Rothschild Collection (The National Trust) in 1957.
Part of:
Recueil d'adresses: A collection of sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth century French, German, Belgian, Swiss, Dutch, Italian and Spanish trade cards, labels, wrappers, advertisements and related commercial ephemera bound in four volumes. 3686.1-4
Waddesdon, The Rothschild Collection (The National Trust)
Bequest of James de Rothschild, 1957



Pierre Dupont; Stromatourgie ou de l'excellence de la manufacture des tapis dits de Turquie nouvellement établie en France sous la conduite de Pierre Dupont; Paris; [n. pub.]; 1633; probable title page
Pierre Verlet, Anthony Blunt; The Savonnerie: The James A. de Rothschild Collection at Waddesdon Manor; Fribourg; Office du Livre; 1982; p. 162, fig. 98

Related literature

Jacques Hillairet; Dictionnaire historique des rues de Paris; Paris; Éditions de Minuit; 1963. see Location of premises
Pierre Dupont; Stromatourgie ou de l'excellence de la manufacture des tapis dits de Turquie nouvellement établie en France sous la conduite de Pierre Dupont; Paris; [n. pub.]; 1633
Pierre Dupont, A Darcel, Jules Guiffrey; La Stromatourgie et Documents relatifs à la fabrication des tapis de Turquie en France au XVIIe. siècle publiés par A. Darcel et J. Guiffrey; Paris; Société de l'Histoire de l'Art français; 1882

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People as Subject:
Gobelins tapestry manufactory (estab. 1607)
Savonnerie manufactory (estab. 1626)
Dupont, Pierre (d.1640)
Louis XIII of France (b.1601, d.1643)
Virton (active c 1650?)
Provenance Person:
Rothschild, James de (b.1878, d.1957)
Rothschild, Baron Ferdinand de (b.1839, d.1898)
Rothschild, Alice de (b.1847, d.1922)
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Men as Proprietors/Consumption
Decorative Arts
Invention & Novelty
Social Networks
Christian Culture
Baroque Style
Decorative Motifs & Patterns/Leaf Motifs/Acanthus Motifs
Mythology/Creatures/Cherub, Putto or Putti
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Allegory & Personifications/Hope
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Decorative Motifs & Patterns/Scroll Motifs/Strapwork
Decorative Motifs & Patterns/Trophies
Place as Subject:
Paris, France
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Other details

Location of Premises:
Galerie de Louvre, Paris
Hillairet, 1963, vol. 2, p. 70: 'Dans la partie occidentale du rez-de-chausée de la Grande Galerie, on installa, sous Henri VI, des ateliers de tapisserie'.
Trades (Original Language):
tapissier/Furnishing activities