Trade Card of the Gobert Brothers, Stationers, Aux Envieux de la Vertu

Artist or maker:
1740-1760 {nd}
Dated stylistically.
Place of Production:
Paris, France
etching and engraving on paper
Type of Object:
trade cards
Accession number:
One of a set, see others


Brief Description

Trade card of the Gobert Brothers, stationers, At the People Envious of Virtue. The image is etched and the text engraved. The design consists of a cartouche with areas for the text and a representation of the shop sign.

The cartouche is composed of rocaille wave forms and leaf C-scrolls; festoons of flowers are draped around the inner upper edge and the sides. A shell motif occurs at upper centre. The upper edge becomes architectural at its outermost points. Two urns with flowers sit on the upper right and left corners. The two areas of the cartouche are divided by a curved architectural pedestal flanking an urn holding foliation. The urn and the pedastal are decorated with fluting.

The representation of the shop sign takes the form of a scene on the steps of a temple. Clouds appear in the background, and a pillar and steps are visible to the right. A classically dressed woman is shown sitting, her hands resting on a globe that sits on a scroll, and a T-shape, possibly the top of an anchor. Her head is surrounded by a halo; she is the representation of Virtue.

Virtue is surrounded by four figures. She rests her feet on a reclining man bearing a knife. Books or pieces of paper are on the steps in front of him. A woman runs in from the right bearing a dagger with which she stabs herself in the chest. This is probably a representation of Lucretia, who killed herself to maintain her family's virtue after being raped. To Virtue's left, in the foreground, in shadow, there is a woman kneeling with hands outstretched; and, in the background, a standing man pulling at his hair: presumably those people who are envious of the central figure.

Physical description

Dimensions (mm):
124 x 91
Physical Details:
single sheet, image size: 122 x 85 (sheet trimmed to or within plate mark)
AUX ENVIEUX DE LA VERTU / Rue de la Verrerie pres S. Mery a Paris. / GOBERT freres tiennent Magazin de toutes / sortes de Papiers, Registres et autres Mar- /chandises (marchandises) concernant le commerce et la Finance
At the People Envious of Virtue, rue de la Verrerie near Saint-Meri in Paris. Gobert Brothers keep a shop of all sorts of papers, registers and other goods relating to commerce and finance


Acquired by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild (b.1839, d.1898) before 1897; inherited by his sister Alice de Rothschild (b.1847, d.1922); inherited by her great-nephew James de Rothschild (b.1878, d.1957); bequeathed to Waddesdon The Rothschild Collection (The National Trust) in 1957.
Part of:
Recueil d'adresses: A collection of sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth century French, German, Belgian, Swiss, Dutch, Italian and Spanish trade cards, labels, wrappers, advertisements and related commercial ephemera bound in four volumes. 3686.1-4
Waddesdon, The Rothschild Collection (The National Trust)
Bequest of James de Rothschild, 1957


http://pagesperso-orange.fr/gencom6/dufour/pag15.html Mentions Damien Gobert, marchand mercier, rue de la Verrerie, contrôleur visiteur marqueur de toutes sortes de papiers et cartons, Provision d'office V/1/ 339 pièce 205 1744/10/27, 1761: marchand papetier, rue de la Verrerie. [accessed 05 Nov 2008]

Indexed terms

People as Subject:
Gobert Frères (active c 1740-1760?)
Gobert, Damien (active c 1740-1765)
Provenance Person:
Rothschild, James de (b.1878, d.1957)
Rothschild, Baron Ferdinand de (b.1839, d.1898)
Rothschild, Alice de (b.1847, d.1922)
Research Keywords:
Men as Proprietors/Consumption
Social Networks
Rococo Style
Decorative Motifs & Patterns/Flower Motifs
Work & Occupations/Social Rank/Lower Classes
Nature, Landscape & The Elements/Flowers
Work & Occupations/Trade & Commercial/Merchant
Allegory & Personifications/Virtue
Architecture/Buildings/Public, Municipal & Entertainment
History/Historical Figure
Objects/Shop Goods
Nature, Landscape & The Elements/Gardens
Nature, Landscape & The Elements/Clouds
Nature, Landscape & The Elements/Trees & Plants
Work & Occupations/Trade & Commercial/Stationer
Objects/Globes & Maps
Objects/Religious & Ceremonial/Crown
Objects/Reading, Writing & Printed Matter/Book
Objects/Armour & Weaponry/Dagger
Allegory & Personifications/Envy
Objects/Industrial & Maritime Equipment/Anchor
Allegory & Personifications/Attributes
Everyday Life/Death
Objects/Reading, Writing & Printed Matter/Stationery
Objects/Reading, Writing & Printed Matter/Writing Materials
Objects/Vessels & Containers/Vase
Objects/Vessels & Containers/Urn
Decorative Motifs & Patterns/Leaf Motifs
Objects/Religious & Ceremonial/Halo or Glory
Decorative Motifs & Patterns/Flower Motifs/Festoons
Decorative Motifs & Patterns/Frames, Borders, Cartouches
Decorative Motifs & Patterns/Scroll Motifs
Decorative Motifs & Patterns/Shell Motifs
Place as Subject:
Paris, France

Other details

Location of Premises:
rue de la Verrerie, Paris
(près Saint-Meri)
Shop Sign:
Envieux de La Vertu, Aux
Trades (Original Language):
papetier/Stationery goods activities