Label and possible Trade Card of De Galliat, Perfumer

Artist or maker:
1780-1800 {nd}
Dated stylistically.
Place of Production:
Montpellier, France
engraving on light-grey paper
Type of Object:
trade cards
labels (identifying artifacts)
Accession number:
One of a set, see others


Brief Description

Label and possible trade card of De Galliat, merchant perfumer (marchand parfumeur), Montpellier. The image and text are engraved. Printed on light grey paper. The design consists of an architectural cartouche surrounding the text and a representation of goods.

The name and address appear in the centre of the card, surrounded by a small square arch shaded with parallel lines, with projecting corners and bases mounted with circles. At upper centre, there is an oval medallion bearing the text 'Odor et Sapor'. This is surmounted by roses. Two trumpets emerge from behind the medallion and a laurel festoon depends from it, down the sides of the arch.

In front of the arch, on the ground, there are several references to De Galliat's goods. From the left: an ovoid vase with a long neck and two handles, which is decorated with gadrooning and laurel leaves; a distilling flask; a bottle of scent; an open book; a basket of flowers; and a lit perfume burner, decorated with gadrooning.

Curatorial Commentary

Differences in the the text and in the perfume burner at lower right indicate that 3686.2.76.194 is from a different plate to 3686.2.76.195. The piece of material at the lower edge is also slightly larger in 3686.2.76.195.

Phillippa Plock, 2008

Physical description

Dimensions (mm):
66 x 72
Physical Details:
single sheet, image size: 65 x 69 (sheet trimmed to or within plate mark)
ODOR ET SAPOR / De Galliat / Md Parfumeur / A MONTPELIER
Scent and flavour. De Galliat. Merchant Perfumer. In Montpellier


Acquired by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild (b.1839, d.1898) before 1897; inherited by his sister Alice de Rothschild (b.1847, d.1922); inherited by her great-nephew James de Rothschild (b.1878, d.1957); bequeathed to Waddesdon The Rothschild Collection (The National Trust) in 1957.
Part of:
Recueil d'adresses: A collection of sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth century French, German, Belgian, Swiss, Dutch, Italian and Spanish trade cards, labels, wrappers, advertisements and related commercial ephemera bound in four volumes. 3686.1-4
Waddesdon, The Rothschild Collection (The National Trust)
Bequest of James de Rothschild, 1957

Indexed terms

Other details

Location of Premises:
Trades (Original Language):
marchand parfumeur/Health & body activities