The Red Book

Rothschild, Baron Ferdinand de (b.1839, d.1898)
November 1897
dated on dedication page
Place of production:
London?, England, United Kingdom
ink on paper, bound in red leather
Type of object:
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The "Red Book" is a privately printed album of text and photographs recording the building, interiors, and collection assembled by Ferdinand de Rothschild at Waddesdon Manor. Ferdinand dedicated it to his friends, stating that he had written it to meet enquiries about 'the persons and means' employed to create his home. Scroll through the images to look at the complete volume. It is an important document, not only for Ferdinand's own tastes, but also for the history of collecting and display.

Physical description

Dimensions (mm):
360 x 440 x 50


Made for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild (b.1839, d.1898); inherited by his sister Alice de Rothschild (b.1847, d.1922); inherited by her great-nephew James de Rothschild (b.1878, d.1957); inherited by his wife Dorothy de Rothschild (b.1895, d.1988); bequeathed to Waddesdon The Rothschild Collection (The National Trust) in 1988.
Waddesdon (National Trust)
Bequest of Dorothy de Rothschild,1988



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